Student Enrichment of the Arts

Good Neighbors S.E.A. (Student Enrichment in the Arts) programs began this season September 27th. The programs run through eight weeks and are in partnership with the Roanoke Children's Theatre.

The SEA programs in Franklin County are funded by the Foundation for the Roanoke Valley.​

SEA students from Dudley Elementary and Rocky Mount Elementary have been working hard on learning Fractured Fairytales. Fractured Fairytales are a collection of Roald Dahl poems published in 1982.

Focusing on the twisted tale of Cinderella.

Students have been learning all about stage direction, making props, marketing their show, memorizing lines as well as choreography.

5 Benefits of Children's Theatre

- fights illiteracy

- boosts self confidence

- cultivates creativity

- theatre provides the freedom to no be perfect

- children see life through another perspective

Dudley Elementary SEA students have a final performance Wednesday November 15th at 4:10pm

Rocky Mount Elementary SEA students have a final performance Monday November 4:30pm

All will be welcome for the final Showcases. We encourage, family, friends and SML Good Neighbors supporters to join us.

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