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Recognizing Major Gifts and Planned Giving

The Children’s Legacy Society recognizes donors making financial contributions to SML Good Neighbors that will provide continuous support for the children served by SML Good Neighbors well beyond our lifetimes.


These are Legacy gifts. These gifts are invested and become part of the SML Good Neighbors Endowment Fund. The endowment fund yields approximately a 5.0% return annually. A gift of $20,000 will, therefore, provide $1,000 per year indefinitely. Donors providing Major gifts or Planned gifts to the endowment fund are recognized in one of five categories:

  • $100,000 - Diamond Donor

  • $75,000 - Platinum Donor

  • $50,000 - Gold Donor

  • $25,000 - Silver Donor

  • $10,000 - Bronze Donor

Donors contributing a Major Gift become members of the Visionary Circle of the Children’s Legacy Society and donors making a Planned Gift become members of the Investors Circle of the Children’s Legacy Society. Planned gifts may include making SML Good Neighbors the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, bequests in a Last Will and Testament, or a beneficiary in a Trust.

For information, advice and assistance please contact our office at:


Members of the Children’s Legacy Society will be honored at an annual program and dinner, and kept up to date on all programs and activities.


Your legacy gift will provide educational, social and emotional enrichment programs for hundreds of children for many, many years. You will truly be leaving a legacy.

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