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The ​Cornerstone Society​ of SML Good Neighbors recognizes individuals, families, organizations, foundations, churches and others that have contributed at least $1,000 to the Annual Fund​ of SML Good Neighbors since the founding of the organization in 2007. Donors giving at least $10,000 are further recognized based on the total cumulative amount contributed.

●  Diamond Donors = $100,000

●  Platinum Donors = $75,000

●  Gold Donors = $50,000

●  Silver Donors = $25,000

●  Bronze Donors = $10,000

Donors pledging to give $1,000 each year to the annual fund are members of the ​GRAND CLUB​​ ​​of the ​Cornerstone Society. ​Donors giving a ​Grand​​ ​or more each year are recognized at an annual meeting and dinner to celebrate their support of the SML Good Neighbors children.

SML Good Neighbors is dependent on the generosity and compassion of donors. The summer and after-school educational enrichment programs for children from low-income families in Bedford and Franklin Counties are provided at no cost to families. Donors contributing to the support of these programs are investing in the future of these children.

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