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This program launched in the summer of 2016. These students participate in a four-week summer program. The primary objective is to help students prepare for success in high school. The focus this summer is on writing and theater. Additional enrichments are included to broaden the scholars’ knowledge and life skills. Participating scholars are rising 7th – 9th graders.


Our mission is to "prepare Academy scholars for success in high school." This mission is fulfilled in three ways:


1. Showing Support - Building trusting relationships between scholars, families, volunteers, interns, and staff is our first priority and step toward preparing scholars for being successful in their future.


2. Empowered Education - Scholars are given opportunities for shared leadership within the program, and are encouraged to take ownership of their education, their capacity to learn, and ability to be engaged citizens.

3. Providing Nourishment - In addition to providing healthful snacks during the school year and two meals during the summer program, the Academy seeks to nourish the whole individual by fostering personal growth. 

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